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featherweight adj : of a weight class of 123-126 pounds for prizefighters; "the featherweight class"


1 an amateur boxer who weighs no more than 126 pounds
2 weighs 126-139 pounds
3 a professional boxer who weighs between 123 and 126 pounds

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  1. A weight division in professional boxing of a maximum of 126 pounds or 57 kilograms
  2. A boxer who fights in this division

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For the mixed martial arts division of the same name, see Featherweight (MMA)
Featherweight is a weight class division in the sport of boxing and wrestling(Greco-Roman).

Professional boxing

A featherweight boxer weighs in at 9 stones (60 kilos) or under (at 126 pounds or under in the USA). In the early days of the division, this limit fluctuated. The British have generally always recognized the limit at 126 pounds, but in America the weight limit was at first 114 pounds. An early champion, George Dixon, moved the limit to 120 and then 122 pounds. Finally, in 1920 the United States fixed the limit at 126 pounds.
The 1860 fight between Nobby Clark and Jim Elliott is sometimes called the first featherweight championship. However, the division only gained wide acceptance in 1889 after the Ike Weir-Frank Murphy fight.

Amateur boxing

In amateur boxing, the weight limit is 54 to 57 kilograms.

Olympic champions

Pan American Champions

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